92FS Frame Size

Standard Smooth

Standard Smooth

Standard Checkered



AlumaGrips Logo Shirt

These logo T Shirts are an Excel Sportswear product. The shirts are 100% cotton and preshrunk. The colors remain crisp and vibrant.



Beretta 92FS Hex Screws

Replacement package of four  screws for use with Beretta 92FS Grips. These screws are the same length as the original factory screws. The hex head looks great and prevents ragged looking screws. Because these AlumaGrips are so thin the factory lock washer cannot be used.




This Loctite is designed to be used specifically on screws under 1/4" diameter where repeated installation is an option. Loctite 222 should only be used on grip screws to keep them from " shooting loose". This is not designed to be used on the bushings. There is enough loctite in this reusable dispenser to secure approximately 8 screws.

SPECS: Purple


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