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Sig Sauer P238

Frame Size

Standard Smooth

Standard Checkered

Standard Smooth

Simple, Clean, Straightforward

Ribbed Smooth

Our Sig P238 smooth grips are manufactured with the same precision as all of our products. The P238 smooth grips are slightly different from our original smooth grips. They are designed with a slight ribbing to the finish. This finish gives a slightly better purchase than the completely smooth surface grips. This finish was first tried on our EMP grips. Since the feedback has been so good we are implementing this process on more of our grip styles.

$43.95 per set

Standard Checkered

Classic, Refined, Timeless

Complete Checkered

Our Sig P238 checkered grips are manufactured with the same precision as all of our products. The P238 checkered grips are designed for maximum purchase by using our complete coverage checkering pattern. The checkering depth is as aggressive as possible without loosing any structural integrity in the grip. This finish gives the best purchase available on a grip this thin.

$54.95 per set

Deluxe Checkered

Sporty, Stylish, Smart

Deluxe Checkered - Tactical

The P238 Deluxe Tactical Checkered Grip is designed for a smooth unobstructed purchase. The checkering on the front half is designed to assist in the stability of shooting while offering an excellent grip on the withdraw from the holster. The result is a grip anyone would be proud to wear on their Sig P238.

$57.95 per set

Deluxe Grooved

The P238 Deluxe Grooved Grip is designed for a smooth unobstructed purchase. While adding three parallel grooves to further increase the purchase the result is a clean efficient grip.

$49.95 per set

Custom Deluxe

Just plain awesome

Custom Deluxe 3/4" Circle

This is the style of Sig P238 grip to choose for laser engraving your custom image, logo or initials on the grips. This grip offers the same stability as all of our standard checkered grips.

$84.50 per set


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