Coonan 357

Full Size and Compact

Standard Smooth

Standard Checkered

Standard Smooth

Simple, Clean, Straightforward

Coonan Standard Smooth

The simplicity of the satin finished Coonan Standard Smooth Grip is evident at first glance. The ability to match or contrast the grip color with the gun finish, adds versatility to your choice. Made to exacting fit and finish specifications, its simple, clean and uninterrupted lines might be the one for you.

$54.95 per set

Standard Checkered

Classic, Refined, Timeless

Coonan Standard Checkered

Our new Coonan standard checkered grips are manufactured with the same precision as all of our products. The Coonan standard checkered grips are designed for maximum purchase, the equivalant of our very aggressive checkering as well as a maximum coverage checkering pattern. 

We are currently out of stock of the BLACK STANDARD CHECKERED Coonan grips

$74.95 per set

Deluxe Checkered

Sporty, Stylish, Smart

Coonan Deluxe Tactical Checkered

The Coonan Tactical Style Grips are a very popular addition to a well known product line. The Tactical grip is designed with the no-snag aggressive checkering used on the Coonan AlumaGrips. The big difference on these grips is the smooth section on the back half of grip. This combination of a smooth and checkered section allows for a very good purchase while offering a fast firing grip on a speed draw. Gimmick they are not

$69.95 per set

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